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My mind is killing me

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Hello guys. Guess what? My mind is killing me. I cant concentrate on my studies. Something occupied my mind. Yeah. Its guys. I did had a crush who I really like him. But no matter how hard I've try to chase him, he still treat me as friend. So I decided to stop msg him. And yeah. The feelings faded. But there's a guy in my class who always flirt with me. He told me that he is waiting for his ex. But yet, he still can be so close to me. He will sit beside me, rest his body/head on me ,hug my head etc. Yupp. I do know that I dont like him. But I cant say that I got no feelings on him. Of course there are some. Maybe im just desperate to have boyfriend?
I use to enjoy singlehood. How can I find back the old me? This really affect my studies..