My male cat after neutering

My male cat was always kind of aggressive with other males before I got him fi><ed. I just got him neutered like a week ago and hes staying in a house temporarily with one other neutered male cat. My cat is still kind of aggressive with the other cat when he wants to play, I heard that it takes like a month or more for the hormones and such to subside so he will calm down. Anyone know more info on this subject?

Answer #1

He will calm down.. I’ve seen so many fixed cats males and females.. they turn into fat lazy house cats.. It would be really lucky to keep him playful. We have a female here currently who just got fixed last thursday.. Of course she’s done nothing but sleep since she has an E collar on, she’s dreaming of going outside but in a few weeks she won’t even care.

Answer #2

Cats usually don’t like change… He was neutered…BIG change He is in a new house…Big change He is in a new house with a new male cat…Big change

I hope you actually are not surprised by his emotional reaction.

It will take time after his surgery.

Answer #3

Depends on how old he was when you got him Neutered, the younger the better, if he was already mature I hope your doctor did not tell you that this would change his behaviour, I do commend you on getting him neutered because it sounds like he will go outside and the last thing we need is more kittens in this world, But I hate to say with dogs and cats the longer you wait the more diffcult it will be to change there behaviour

Answer #4

my cats have been spayed both of them are male. but today I noticed in there litter box that there was blood. I dont know what to do. or what is wrong with them. please help!

Answer #5

your really stupid, why did you get a cat if you dont expect it to act like one. I own to cats they fight all day…then they sleep beside each other, and if one isnt around the other starts to meow and look for the other. They’re playing, they’ll fight for hours at times, chasing each other. Helps them build muscles, and build a friendship over time. You cant restrict an animals natural instinctive behaviours. YOU PEICE OF SHIT

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