my lost brother

k, I have this brother & I never met him before cause before my mom my dad had a kid then abandoned him & got with my mom and had 3 kids including me, so my brother I never met is like in his 20’s . so my dad named him Ruben , & ruben’s mom thought my dads name is ruben but it’s nott. my dad used his brothers name not his . from what I just heard my aunts have seen ruben when he was a little kid , ruben thinks my dad is in jail but he’s nott,he’s been looking 4 my dad in the internet. ruben has really never met his/my dad, and hasn’t met me or my 2 other bro’s, and I really wanna but I I don’t know anything more bout him, how can I find out more??? where he lives & all ?

Answer #1

Go to the courthouse and ask for assistance they should be able to help u… if you know what his last name is

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