My Little Sister

My little sister is 11 years old. She gets attitudes a lot. My family is not happy with her. She is cruel to me most of the time. We’ve tried talking to her numerous times, my parents take things away. Nothing seems to help. She also doesn’t care about school or homework. Her room is a mess. She won’t clean it.

It seems she doesn’t care about life. We don’t want her to be like this for ever. Please give me advice. We’ve done almost everything.

Answer #1

When I was 11 I pretty much hated myself. Still do. Maybe she is angry at herself? Maybe she has done something she shouldn’t? Don’t give up:)


Answer #2

I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I mean I was never this bad, besides my parents beat the crap out of me and MADE me clean my room if anything. you have to find a source to her anger…she might not even know herself. I mean time, meds, and therapy fixed a lot of my issues and I had em bad. maybe it’s just a stage though…sounds like its heading in a very bad direction. eliminate issues, be very careful though, and see what;s making her so upset.

Answer #3

I work with kids/youth and it may not be as easy as “attitude” or “puberty”. She could have ADD, ADHD, depression, or Oppositional Defiance Disorder, better known as ODD.

Tell your parents to get her, along with themselves, some help to solve the problem. She’s too young to be having these problems without a REAL reason.

Answer #4

It’s probably just puberty. My little sister is ten and has been acting really rude lately. And we all know why.

Answer #5

she might feel bad because she has done something wrong

reasons to be annoying

school growing up peer presure boys

Answer #6

I think she should start getting whoopins on a daily bases

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