My life's dilemma

I really want to go into the regular army (not reserve) and serve on peace-keeping missions. It inspires me, I’ve been in the reserves and I know what the job is like. On the other hand, I also want to have a good, stable family (as much as I want that career). It’s either the one or the other. I love my girlfriend and we’re getting married soon, but a deskjob is definately not for me. She wouldn’t accept following me to military bases and stuff like that, so I have no idea what to do. Any advice will be appriciated.

Answer #1

Well I think I fall into the qualified to answer the question since I’ve been in the army for 5 1/2years and I have a wife w/2 children.

Yes the army/military is very honorable to join and serve your country and you might enjoy “peacekeeping” but the army is a lot different now than what it use to be and claims to be. The actual army foundation is great but the people and the times have changed and now it is not worth the cause. No matter how much army propaganda states that they take care of your family, they don’t give a rats…yeah… They only care about how much time and work you can but forth into the army. The army health care isn’t bad at all but the treatments are kind of like welfare patients. Deskjob compared to a line unit is not much different. You will not have much time to spend with your family, reguardless of which you end up picking. You will be constantly deployed and when you’re in the rear you’ll be in the field 1/2 of the year so basically you’ll only be able to spend 1/4 of your years with your family and that’s while working. I was in the reserves too and I was inspired to go active duty and it is NOT the same. BTW I’m stop lossed past my current contract ETS date and in Iraq right now whenever I could be in college and trying to progress my family.

Answer #2

10x for the answers people, theinjun you really gave me an insight of the information I needed, deeply appriciated. Thank you and take care

Answer #3

my fiance is in the army and we are to be married in 2009… If you truly want to go into the army.. She would be be hind you 100%.. It will be heard to be away from your family for a year or more. but when you come back your be home for a year or so.. It is up to you but talk to her and tell her how much this means to you…

hope this helps

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