can't view my Youtube account

Okay…this is what’s going on with my laptop. I tried to go on to Youtube to see my videos and it says that my java script is off or I need to download the newest version of adobe flash. So…I’ve downloaded both and still won’t play anything on Youtube or from showtime. I checked my control panel and Java is there and I clicked it to see if there are any updates and it states its updated and to this day I still can’t view my Youtube account. I even updated the adobe flash and still nothing. What could be the problem?

Answer #1

try to right click the video that is playing then select settings the first tab should be display then it should say something like “enable hardware acceleration” if its un checked check it, if its checked un check it and try it again…

I don’t know 100% if this will work or not but it might

lemme know if it does/doesn’t

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