My ipod wont do anything!!

I bought a used ipod(I don't know what model). it wouldnt turn on. plugged it into my computer and it went into recovery mode. but the screen on the ipod wouldnt come on. then recovery mode popped up again and again. and the ipod wont take a charge either. is there anything I can do?

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You can complain to the person that sold it to you; you could do nothing; or you could look for an ad in the paper that says "we buy broken iPods" See if they may be able to fix it.

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I don't know what the problem is but if you go to the apple store you can ask them about it are they mite just give you a new one like they did to me

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hold down the top arrow and middle button

Ipod charging
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no! you let it die completly! then once it's dead charge it then it would work[:
trust me it works it happens to me before,lol

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