How to be noticeable to a boy?

how can I be noticable to a boy? help me!!!

Answer #1

Hi, just be yourself at all times. If you try to be a person that you think he would like, then you will never really know what to talk about because you’ll be too busy thinking what you should say to get him to like you. He will see that and think you’re weird or boring or just get some negative vibes from you. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind as long as it’s with respect and show him that you have integrity too. The best way for the two of you to get to know each other is through some type of sports, such as: skating, bowling, dancing, etc. Some type of activity where you are having so much fun that there’s no time to think of what to say. Running around and shouting with excitement because you won or scored points on a game makes it easier to want to know a person better - both of you will see a fun side of each other which will lead to another date that will be relaxed and easier to be yourselves.

Answer #2

Try 2 make him get 2 know u. Be around him. But also be yourself. I think he will like you since you r pretty nice 2 be around. Try showing off for him. Well, good luck!!!

Answer #3

be really nice to him but not overly so like maybe when he makes a fool out of himself at times and other people laugh..u don’t and tell him its ok and that everyone humilates tehmselves at times.He’ll think you’re a special someone. :] but dun ever purposely bake cookies for him orstuff like that..its creepy. my brother had someone like that and that just freaked him and me out..they din work out

Answer #4

first off make shure that you have popped a mint, and then also… make shure that you look fresh.. dont go over in his face looking a hott mess, and if that doesnt work, girl, he dont want you. :] itz all good tho, because you can move on, trusssttt me…

Answer #5

if you like someone, just talk to him. don’t be a weirdo though. just be yourself. works every time :D even when you don’t want it to sometimes…

Answer #6

id yourself. I hate it when guys arent themselves its soo annoying! and a big turn off for me…

so yeah..Be Yourself

; )

Answer #7

Go to college make money for him and you and a family. or be a slut and give it up. or play a game of hard to get to get respect.

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