My heart is confused please help me!!!

well I love my boyfriend and I think I might still have feelings for my ex also. I havn’t seen my ex since we broke up and I thought I got ova him since I got someone new but once I saw him saturday it’s like all those old feelings came rushing back. Now I know he don’t want to get back with me and all and we’re just friends but I don’t know what to do to make those old feelings go away so I can focus my current feelings on my current boyfriend can any of you help me?

Answer #1

sometimes you just need to wait for the feelings to go away by themselves but that can take foreva. and telling yourself that its not meant to be and that you love your current boyfriend more the way you feel bout your ex migh just go away. but sometimes love is a very confusing thing to get into. love can last foreva but then can last a short of two weeks. just get off yo ex love yo current boyfriend. if it helps just stop thinkin bout this ex. it might help. I’m not the bes person for this but it’s advice ain’t it?!

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