How to get my hair to thicken with shampoo?

Guy my hair is so thin, haha anyone know any good shapoos to make it stronger and thicker ?’

ty :)

oh, p.s please prey for my friend he got into an aciddent and broke oth of his legs, one might have to get amputated ! .. :[

it’s so hard to see him like that, please pray.

thanl you!

Answer #1

You should take certain vitamins, its more natural. I’m not sure which one was it but it help on your growth of your hair, keeps hair shiny and strong. Nutrional health is the best! If I remeber I’ll post it, or you can search if you want.

Answer #2

Hey there,

I’ll be thinking of your friend :)

For your hair, look for something called “Re-Thicken”. It’s a shampoo put out by Nourish. Here’s a picture of it with some thickening elixir.

Answer #3

thank you, I’ll try to look for it. btw, my friend is doing a lot better. his girlfriend is over there like everyday and it’s cute. but they need to take skin to cover up this huge hole in his leg, and luckly they won’t have to amputate is, well it’s a more than likely no, :)


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