How should I do my hair tomorrow?

How should I do my hair tomorrow?

Answer #1

That’s such an ambiguous question. Your requesting me to tell you how to do your hair, but I am ignorant as to your appearance, your hair, your color….If you want help, you’re going to have to give me a more detailed description. If you want some tips and tricks, you can go on,,, or just google it….

Hope I helped

Answer #2

Thats a very vague question, try submitting a picture & give us a little more indication of the styles you like, if you are wanting an opinion on what looks better, pictures will help. It all depends on your facial structurer, hair contrast & if your hair is naturally curly or straight, long or short, etc,etc… If you could specificity you’re particular needs & normal hair dimensions, maybe we could give you a better idea of a solution. E-mail me if you’d like!

Answer #3

Some ideas here:

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