Is masturbating a sin?

Is mastrabaiting a sin?

Answer #1

my friend tells me he mathurbates all the tyme and thinks its a sin but hey yeah everyone does it and it is normal keep doin it if you really enjoy it then don’t think its a sin because its you pen*s so play wit it.

Answer #2

according to the bible it is(for it is better that your seed fall into the belly of an wh*re than to fall to the ground) but do you believe in the bible. christanity’s rule of thumb seems to be if it feels good stop, however im not achristian not believe in a “sin” consept that will send you to hell

in short wack away

Answer #3

It depends who you ask. But it is a natural way of self discovery.

Answer #4

no, no matter what anyone else says, its not almost everyone does it even preists do it its normal, its natural, its just part of life really

Answer #5

IN the bible “self abuse” is talked about. It is referring to masturbation. You will need to read it and judge for yourself. But no, I do not think it is wrong. I think it is extremely normal and common.

Answer #6

Haha noo

Answer #7

My friends say it’s fine. Wank all you want.

Answer #8

I dont consider it a sin.

Answer #9

what isnt a sin these days?! lmfao

Answer #10

No its not…

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