My friends cut themselves

Some of my friends cut themselves because of depression, and I get worried about them…how do I make them stop?

Answer #1

You can’t make them stop..they have to want to on their own.

Answer #2

Cutting themselves is no way to deal with things. You need to go up to them and ask them.

“What is cutting going to do for you? Will it make life better? Does it make pain go away for even a little? Or does it distract you from your mental personalities? What does it DO?”

Then w8 for a response. I doubt there will be a good one.

Answer #3

Yhh I Agree Wiith Emo Priincesz… Yuuh cant make dem stop :-s They Will if they Want… Im not emo or anything im more of a girly girl but like yh its true, I have a friend that cut herself but she stopped cause she knew it was the wrong thing to do! =s

Answer #4

You can’t make people stop… all you can do is try and be there for them and try to get them to get help from a professional

Look at this site, under family/friend

it may help

Answer #5

I cut my self and my friends just take what ever I am cutting mysefl with away or ask me to stop and then talk to me or they give me a hug them being there helps but no matter what I still cut just not as much so let your friends know you care and that they can talk to you or just go for a walk with you when they feel like cutting oh and be sure to tell them that you don’t want them to die

Answer #6

tell them to stop because it may get so bad that they kill themselves and you love them and you don’t want them to leave because of this terrible habit.also tell them that they have no reason to do this because there are many more people in much worse situations right now. I’ve told myself this at the first time I cut myself on purpose and I never did it again espacialy after seeing my friend’s reaction. I was terrified

Answer #7

yeah I somtimes cut myself too its hard to stop but did hope they stop later on in life peace

Answer #8

just be there for them. honestly, thats what they want. if they’re cutting, they are obviously going through a rough time. and you should try to help them through it. dont focus on the fact that they cut, focus on the reason behind it.

Answer #9

Honestly there is nothing you can do to make them stop. They will only stop when they are ready. Something you could do is show them you’re NOT afraid of them because they cut. That will most likely cause them to cut more. Also, make sure they know that YOU are there for them if they need to talk. If things get desperate though, like your friend seriously starts talking about suicide, giving away their stuff saying, “I wont need this” , or starts taking drugs you should tell someone. A parent, a councelor, a teacher, or someone that you trust who WILL get your friend help. At first your friend will probably hate you for it, but atleast your friend is alive.

Answer #10

You can say talk to them about it, but I got mad whenever someone tried to talk to me. You just have to let them find out themselves that they need to stop and be behind them 100%

Answer #11

talk to them about it.

Answer #12

my friend cuts and im scared I used to cut but I stopped because I know someone who died from cutting too deep

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