My Fist Tattoo

I Just Turned 17 in August and I wanted a Tattoo Sinces a was a Kid.So Yhu Think Can Get Myself a Tattoo in The Age 17 and My Brothe Iz 18!?!Ps This Iz How I Write :) I Know How 2 Spell So Dont Bish About it ^_^

Answer #1

well I’m gonna get a tattoo next year when I turn 18 but in my country you can do it once you have the money or your I.D. card but I suggest you go with some sort of parental advisory so I guess you can go with your brother.

Answer #2

Omg, learn to spell. Lol, jk

So… I don’t know, xD In my country, it’s ilegal to get a tattoo, if you’re under 18. But you can, if your parents allow it :]

I think the same law goes to the US too.

Answer #3

If you know how to spell, please do so. There are a huge number of very helpful people on this site who refuse to read messages that are spelled so obnoxiously, so you’re only hurting yourself, not us.

And please refrain from telling the users to not ‘bi*ch about it.’ Thank you.

Answer #4

k…I live in canada…and got a tattoo like a month ago…and I am still 17 I dont turn 18 for another 2 months…where I got mine done…I was a legal age and didnt need my parents/guardians permission (which is good because they dont know ;) haha)

so yeaa I went in made an appointment…and got it done… the only issue if your rents dont know about it is making sure they dont find out ;) anyways good luck!

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