My ex and me ;D

he is my ex,ex,ex so its not like I haven’t got over him. I did get over him for a LONG time but recently 6 off my friends male and female have all told me on different occasions that we are PERFECT for each other and its silly that we are not together. The thing is I have just broken up with my boyfriend but I’m not heartbroken or anything. And my ex ex ex has a girlfriend. He never talks about her and he is with me more than with her. Her flirts with me ALL the time and he has even told me that he thinks im atractive. Basically what can I do to get things rolling and get the girlfriend out of the picture so I can move in ?

Answer #1

yeah tell him you have feelings for him and ask him if he wants to go for another try what so you have to loose right?

Answer #2

tell him you really care about him and you want ot go out with him, and if he feels the same way it will work out

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