My drawing, Need help!

what do you think of my drawing. It sucks that I drew it on lined paper, and im not that great of a drawer but it would be really cool if you could give me some hints and tips on how to make it better. Thanks!

Answer #1

Aw I like it! Definitely way better than anything I can ever draw.

Answer #2

Looks good, but I also agree - it could use some shading/shadowing to make more realistic effects.

Answer #3

wow thats great!!!

Answer #4

It’s great, and I love it, but to make it a little more realistic add some shadowing to the face! :)

Trust me hun it works all the time I draw portraits :) (there are some in my photo’s)

Answer #5

It’s pretty sick, I agree with “imaginethat0”, it could use some shading

Answer #6

its nice and it looks like a girl I know lol.

Answer #7

wow thats great!!!

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