My dog is just like a human?

  1. He watches TV
  2. He sits on the couch and sleeps on my bed with me
  3. He has stuffed animals (Even though he chews them)
  4. Once my mom had gotten him duck jerky treats and they were on a little cart in the middle of the kitchen and he got them off and opened them. My mom walked in after he had eaten a bunch.
  5. Today he had a lollipop treat (red circle treat with edible stick) and he had the little stick between his paws and was biting the red part.
  6. Sometimes I have to give him water from a cup because he will be thirsty in the middle and we only have cups in our bathroom.

What are some things that your dog does that’s like a human?

Answer #1

thats cool does he listen to you dont spoil him too much

Answer #2

I have a guinea pig that acts like a dog

Answer #3

Pugs are notorious for obesity…he’s a cutie tho…

I love PUGS! :)


Answer #4

its not a real lollipop and he was born big…

Answer #5

he sounds like an average dog to me! No offence but your dog looks rather large. You might want to stop feeding him so many treats and especially not lollipops. I’m only saying this as it is what is in the dogs best interest. They’re like humans in the way that if they over eat- they put on weight. Weight puts a strain on the heart a long with all the other human affects of over eating.

Answer #6

Mine do a lot of the same things!

  • Watch TV
  • Sit on the couch (or chair!)
  • Give kisses / thank me for dinner
  • Eat treats holding them with both paws
  • Drink out of people cups (same thing, I bring them water in the middle of the night in a cup somestimes)
  • My puggle will sneak food off your fork if you are not paying attention!
Answer #7

My dog reads the newspaper. He likes to keep up to date with current affairs. nah, my dog does pretty much the same as yours, especially the weird chewing thing haha. :)

Answer #8

That’s good cause they were raised to be a mature dog instead a lazy one that just sits around the house,mine is similar to yours,except he was trained to be a watchdog and trust me he is really human like,you may know some of what I mean.

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