my dog

ok my dg ben actin a lil weird l8tly she mixed wit pitbull and boxer she generally a good dog she lets us know when she need2 2 use da bathroom and when she hungry however their are times where she show aggresive behavior 4 no apparent reason like she’ll start actin wild she dont go on a rampage and start breakin evrything (thankgod) or attacks me she just gets like really wild and outta control can anyone give me sum advice

Answer #1

when she goes crazy, lock here up for 5 minutes, then lets her out and give her plenty of attention, all the time

Answer #2

well.. I have a boxer/pit.. she used to do that a lot when she was a puppy.. I didn’t find out until I got a Pit that they need a lot of exercise.. my boxer/pit (hope) would take off for no apparent reason and just run from one end of the house to the other, jumping on and off the couch, and growling.. I thought she’d gone mad.. but I did find out that it just means she needs to burn off extra energy.. so if you have a large fenced in yard, this is the time to let her run.. if not, then I’d suggest taking her for a run (on a leash of course), or getting out some toys and playing fetch..

Answer #3

Lack of exercise and mental stimulation…Dogs LOVE attention, and just like kids, don’t care if it’s positive attention or negative…as long as it’s attention.

Start wearing her out with games (like hide treats around the house and have her find them…you have to show her at first, but they learn this really fast…it’s a good mental game)…Start playing ball, walking her…things that use up all that excess energy. It will make her even a better dog than she already is (she really does sound like a nice girl).


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