Do women or men take pain better

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Do women or men take pain better.

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in general not to be cocky about men cause I am one but I think men because (also this can be a bad thing) but they dont like to tell anyone about their pain emotional or physical

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have men ever given birth? I think women can handle pain just as well as men, so I think that its totally unfair that like the whole world underestimate's a woman's strength.

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I think women handle pain better.. Especially when it comes to somethign big.. I broke my colar bone and I told my cousins boyfriend and he almost passed out! lol And child birth! women are troopers if we can withstand that!

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Most men I know are big babies when it comes to pain. Except my dad. He has fired a dang nail gun through his finger on accident and said to my mom, "look honey, I have a nail through my finger! want to pull it out for me?" My dad is a tough one. Men are tough when it comes to heavy equipment and stuff like that but they get a sliver...OMG!!! call the ambulance

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Just a personal opinion... and not because I am a woman but I reall think women do. Look what women go through. I have been through child birth 4 times, I have had my gall bladder removed and the gall bladder was way worse than child birth.

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Men have been told to not cry, and to hold their emotions and all this other macho crap. They're better at not showing pain.

Women, however, bleed for days at a time once every month, get cramps, and once in a while give birth to screaming infants. I think they have a right to show pain more than us guys.

So technically, guys tolerate pain better, but women have more pain to tolerate.

I think it's a draw.

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I don't know, pain is a perception, so I don't think thats a legit question. it's like saying, who likes food more, men or women?

very ambiguous...too difficult. now if the question was who has a higher pain threshold, then that would be men...however, labours pretty cr4p! but then a man can't ever experiance it, so who's to say who would cope better???

god I really should be doing work on surrogacy...

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It depends on WHAT KIND of pain.

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Which is why everyone believes that women goes through more pain :)

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