Where can I get a time machine to see Daft Punk?

Daft Punk is going on tour in North America for Alive 2007! There last concert was last summer, and the last time before that they had a concert in the U.S. was Alive 1997!!! I want to go to Alive 2007 because it’d be the prime time of my life, and I thought I was going to be able to go to see them at Red Rocks in Colorado where my cousins live, but now I can’t get there! I live in Indiana, no where near any other places they are playing! Does anyone know where I can get a time machine so I can get to see it I’m in desperate need of one!!!

Answer #1

But that’s even farther away than any of the locations they’re playing! Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, or a transporteletation device would help too!

Answer #2

yeah…the Burmuda Triangle is a wierd place that is supposed to travel you back in time…but you have to be careful, because I don’t know if anyone has control of it’s magic…. Let me know if it works…

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