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My cousin gets me naked, not once but twice...y?

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I went out swimming once with my cousins and in the pool I had a muscle pulled, so a cousin of mine who is a doctor came with me to see if I was fine.he massaged my back and offered to help me change because I was unabl to get up.I was getting a little conscious with him there but he told me that he is a doctor and I should not I removed my costume upto my waist when he said that I should get my breasts checked because there is size variation and bigger breats are more prone to cancer.I was totally freaked and then he came near me and started to check my breasts.after about 5 minutes he just removed mu costume and said that I mut also shave or wax my pubic hair, because it is unhygenic.and talking like that he took his hand near my clit and rubbed it a little saying that it will help.later he made me wear my clothes and the day was over.he came over again after 3 days when I was alone at home and asked me to show my vagina and if I had waxed it. He on some pretext or the other made me naked again and was asking me to do strange things like sit with legs wide apart, lie on the edge of the bed with my boobs hanging and also took me to the balcony. I mean it was dark so no 1 could see me there but he just made me push againt the railing or cling to the door.he did not touch me and does not even talk about it now.when I asked why he made me do all this, he said its important. I am a doctor and I am your brother, just trust me.what could this mean?