computer turns itself off when I try to burn cds?

My computer turns itself off when I try to burn cds. why

Answer #1

It isn a virus we checked that on a regular basis be we dont have any

Answer #2

sounds like a virus

Answer #3

I highly doubt there is a virus, when there is one, we are not able to do anything with the computer and its just the burning that is having the problems. it turn itself off, like I said. ya know shut down. I can copy them just fine, I mean I can take cd’s and do copy them to my playlist all day long, but when I want to burn them, it’ll do like 3-5 songs then shuts off.

Answer #4

oh and I doubt the warranty is still good, I’ve had this computer for a while now.

Answer #5

For some computers it does that cause once your done with burning the CD it will probably have to restart to make the changes you probably made take effect,sort of like security updates. If it doesn’t do that normally,you should be fine.

Answer #6

it just started doin it. I’ve had no problem wit it til now. the only thing different is the color of the cd its orange instead of the clear but its still the burnin kind

Answer #7

Sounds like it has crapped out. There COULD be a virus, but the virus equipment was messed up by it so that it wouldn’t get detected.

Answer #8

does the computer freze or shuts down automatic. I had a probrem similar but the problem was the mother board and the cooling fan. after replacement all was fixed. I hope yours still in the warranty.

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