my chihuahua is really mardy

can anyone give me some advice I have a 17 week chi boy and all was well but for a few weeks now he doesnt play like he used to and cry immensly at nothing if I put him down or move him. I’ve taken him to the vet but she said he was fine and he needs socialising more and needs to be treated like a dog and I should ignore his cry. im worried though that he may be in pain as the squeel is awful, and of course when he crys I pick him up. he,s only small and I have a 3yr old who likes to pick him up a lot and he doesnt like her much. any advice on their behaviour and training would be great thanks… rach

Answer #1

If he’s been to the Vet’s, and she says he’s just fearful (which certainly will lead a dog to whining and crying)…then put him on a leash and start walking him to get him over his fears…treat like the dog that he is…In other words…give him what he needs because he IS a dog…sniffing around, peeing on bushes, meeting new people, etc…


Answer #2 it sounds lk your dog is in pain.I would c a diff bet.althought it does cost.if you do have that kind of money,I would c a diff vet hope I helped.

Answer #3

Phrannie is right, I have two chihuahua’s and have whelped a coulple of liters. Yes they are cute, but they are not ment to be treated like a baby. Yes I will put sweaters on mine when they go out to pottie and it is cold outside. I may want to check with another vet just to be safe. Are you sure your child did not step on the dog or drop it? Chihuahua’s are not good in household’s with young kids because of the risk that could happen. These dogs also need a lot of interaction with other people, dogs, places and sounds, If you don’t you will end up with a snippy, bitting mean little dog. You must stay in control of this puppy. And don’t carry the dog everywhere. I get a lot of comments on my puppies from people saying how friendly they are. Well there are people comming in and out of my house and I take them to work with me, parade’s, pet smart, petco. But only do this if the puppy has had all of there shots, you want to make sure they are protected against any virius before you take them to new places. Good luck, this is one of my fav. breeds. love them so much and want another one.

Answer #4

I used to raise the teacup chi’s. Their bones are very very tiny. Children do not realize how hard they are grabbing them and their body is bruised. Mine used to do that so I had to teach my boys to pick them up slowly and gently. I finally stopped owning the small dogs with my sons because they are a bit rowdy. We have labs now and they seem to fare much better. But I have friends who have the smaller dogs and they have to be careful with their kids being a bit rough. You may not realize that the toddler is being rough because it does not take much to hurt these little dogs. You may just have her not be allowed to pick up the dog for awhile and see if the dog heals a bit and stops whinning. It is worth a try.

Answer #5

all he wants is to be loved so love him when hes not cryin and dont when he is so that way hes not being spoiled and when you love when hes not that showes him you still love him

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