My cats eat my plants

Does anyone know a good way to keep my cats from eating my plants? They even damage my cactus…they can’t eat it so they dig holes in the soil…I know it’ll pass my cats are 1yr old and 8 months but for now my plants need help! Thanks!

Answer #1

you can grow your own catnip fron seeds–he thinks it is green and should be eaten as if he was outside. YOu can go to Petsmart and get cat grass which is health. I had to put all my plants up high for the same reason. My one cat still tries to eat my fake plant! I have to throw out the fake plant instead of displaying it finally.

Answer #2

Cat grass is the answer as previously mentioned.

Grow it in little trays in soil but remember to keep it in a light place or it will die.

Your cat will love it.


Answer #3

Probebly put mesh up near the plants or put them in a spot were the cats cant get to them…usually on those pot plant hangers, there pretty good.

Answer #4

Cats do like to nibble on plants. Some people think it provides them nutrients while others think they instinctively do it to cure an upset tummy.

How about growing them a little “cat grass” In a small container or pot plant some barley, wheat, or oat grass and encourage your kitty to nibble this instead of your houseplants. You can get seeds for this from pet stores or from health food stores that sell seeds for sprouts.

Answer #5

Thanks I’ll try the cat grass, I remember seeing some in a pet shop but I didnt know what it was for!! :)

Answer #6

You can go to the pet store and get spray stuff to keep them away.

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