My cat!

I’m a cat lover.. My neighbor shoot my cat! and died.. Should I get mad at him? I’m not really the type of person who hold grudges…

Answer #1

I dont know the whole story to judge it, but being an animal lover I think killing an animal is wrong and cruel. I dont know what you should do, maybe report him.

Answer #2

Depends on previous problems, has he even talked to you about the cat being a problem or just shoot him on the spot? If he had just shot him on the spot yes, press charges.

Answer #3

Of course you should!!! That’s animal cruelty! That motherf*er deserves to be charged.

Answer #4

. . . . or shot!! lol just kidding… but that’s not right!

Answer #5

how can he just shoot? he is crazy I feel. I think you shud take it serious… or he shud be charged…

Answer #6

that is basicly like obousing your peropert because the cat is yours so ya be mad me I would tell him give me money too buy a new one (cat) any one you want or I press charges that is what I would you…good luck!!

Answer #7

Shoot him, see how he likes it. Was it a real gun? Has he killed the cat?

Answer #8

thats apsalutely horrid! Press charges. God knows what the crazy wierdo will do next :S

Answer #9

YES YOU SHOULD BE MAD!!!.. I would press charges.. thats horrible

Answer #10

I don’t think you shouldnt be mad.your neighbor shot your cat..yes it was crewl bt you can always find or get another cat.things happen for a reason.

Answer #11

yes! thats a horrible thing to do to an animal! you dont shoot a cat! Hell yes you shud!

Answer #12

um…YEAH!!! He has no right. I would have reported him. Obviously, that’s animal cruelty… that’s horrible. =(

Answer #13

that’s absolutely morbid , I’d be pissed ! not to mention I’m an ANIMAL lover :/

Answer #14

HORRIBLE PERSON!!! you can sue him!!! I would!!! hes horrible!!! was there reson to shoot him??? NO!!! cats are wild and cant be tamed!!! they dont know any better!!!

Answer #15

Get mad at him but don’t hold a grudge. Dunno why I’m saying this, I’m really scared of cats!

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