My brother saw me naked

Ummm my bro saw me naked and I told him to get out but he just stands there in the door way then he tells my mom that im being a jerk and she agrees I mean gaaa give me some space what should I do? [my bro is 12]

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your mother and he shouldn't allow their self 2 do that because your his sister and dats perverdic

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Lock your door? And discuss boundaries with your mother. Your brother isnt 4 years old, your mother may not realize her little boy is growing up and it is completely inappropriate to be watching his sister in the nude.

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that happened to me once but my bro closed the door quickly you should try
talking to your mom about how you need your privacy

My brother saw me naked
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Welll...I hate to say this but, when you have a older/younger sibling, sister or brother it is BOUND to happen one way or another!

My brother saw my chest once on a very very embarrassing incident that happened about 5 months ago, and he shut his eyes and ran yelling "OMG, OMG, OMG" it was so embarassing but very funny actually. I got dressed and went out and hugged him, and told him don't worry I'm not mad and he was like "I can't look at you the same anymore I cant even look at you im so embarassed I dont even want to talk to you" but eventually we laughed it off, and he is once again my little brother and not some stranger who runs when he sees me lol.

Funny thing is, he tends to run around the house with his boxers pulled down showing his bubble butt to everyone in teh room, but I think that's just his immaturity and goofyness poppin out, I don't think he intentionally does it because he likes it or gets off to it (SICK!). He's still young and eventually he'll realize omg my butt is sacred I cant show anyone anymore lol. XD

Either way im sorry to hear that and I hope it's better between you/your bro. Hope he was just confused and lost when he wouldnt move, and I hope he doesn't have some weird sick fetish about his sis...That would be sick.

Your mom should have heard both sides to the story, but assuming your older im guessing that's why you got yelled at first. Oldest always gets teh blame for eerything, it's just how it is :P The young one is the precious diamond. XD

Lock the door, try to be more careful, It sucks but eventually you'll be out on your own and you can walk around your own house completely nude, it's fun too having that freedom and knowing you arent being watched :P

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I would discuss this with your mother about how you need personal space. I agree with the person that said lock the door in the bathroom. That would probably be best. By the way , boys forget things easily , so don't worry. It might be a little awkward seeing him at first but you guys will get used to it.

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Lmao its ok its only your brother O.o

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Tell him, to even things out, he has to strip for you!

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Did your mom know you were naked while he was yelling across the house that you were being a jerk? (which I bet happened?) Perhaps what he saw was the first glimpse ever of the female body, and he was surprised at how different it was from his. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. To prevent anything like that happening to me, I bring my clothes in the bathroom and lock the door and change only in there. Might you do the same thing now??

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thats justn wrong I don't know whut else to say

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well, to discourage it, you can always spray water on him the next time he does it. I bet he'll have a hard time arguing why you were being a jerk and still able to soak him in the house. =P

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how old are u??? it depends if your bro saw you neked

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how old are u

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im a 13 year old guy and if I saw my sister naked I would run away because I dont want to see my sister naked but if it happens again I would lock your door and dress with it locked

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I happened to me the once, it's not one of these things that people remember for long
And they can't tell other people to brag or anything
Just get on with your life and make sure it can't happen again

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that wasn't a good thing to happen,but the best thing is to avoid and not to cry over spilt milk!!!

good luck,your brother will forget don't worry!!!

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WOW... that completly sucks... :( my step grandfather did that to me a couple of times.. and I adressed it with him, and he said he was really sorry, but then it happened again.. so I told my mom and she dealt with it... you reeally should try talking to your brother to make sure that he isnt like getting a fetish with you.. and deffienetly talk to your mom or dad ? or even a grandparent.. somtimes they can listen better than parents because their judgement isnt so clouded... I am so sorry, I agree with everyone you should LOCK YOUR DOOR!! or even close it and put a chair infront of it, if it cant lock... he might have been in shock and thats why he didnt move? and your mom calling you a jerk, thats riddiculus... you need to talk to someoen even a school consuler could help.. I hope everything gets better..

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get a lock p[ut on your door and to tell you the truth keep your eyes out for your brother because once a guy sees a naked girls body they keep thinking about it(doesnt matter if hes your bro)

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This is /not something to just let slide.

At that age, most guys' minds are pretty perverted.

Tell your mom that you were naked, and you two are not exactly toddlers anymore.

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brother should give you some personal space why should he see you nude

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