Why does my boyfriend have sticky lips?

my boyfriend has REALLY stick lips... but I don't know why. its wierd..
when I kiss him.. it feels like he has just eaten a sucker.. adn it got all over his lips...
haha its so wierd feeling!
I havnt said anything and im not going to.. but why do you think that is??

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It could be candy, mom's lip gloss but why he would kiss his mom on the lips I have no idea. Or it could be another girl's lipgloss.

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he might eat a lot of sugary things, which would make is spit really sticky and it dries abit on his lips making them extremly stickier compared to in his mouth, so yeah simple answer could be that he consumes to much unnatural sugars.

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ANSWER #3 of 4

yea its probably chapstick or he could have kissed his mom with lip gross on or something I don't know

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em im not sure hun mayb he puts on chapstick or sumtin if your uncomfortable you shud say

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