How to tell him what I want?

I’m thirteen and I want 2 go out with this sk8er boy but, I want 2 have a real going to the movies and stuff like that. But today, that is not what “going out” means! So, how can I tell him that? How can I not be affraid 2 call him!

Answer #1

Just approach him, say hi and the usuall stuff. Take it slowly, just see if he wants to go out with you. If your only thirteen you dont want to be getting into a serious relationship! you are too young. You can go to the movies…to make it easier a bunch of your friends can go with you alonge with sk8er boys friends. Make it casual. maybe sit next to each other in the cinema. Get your friends to help get you close, don’t rush into anything! If you get into a serious relationship now you will be wanting sex from your boyfriend by the time your 14…you really dont want to get into all that just yet. Enjoy being young. Like I said just keep it casual, maybe when your 15 or so you can start to think about serious relationships but not just yet. Hope this helps, :)

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