Should I break up with him for flirting too much?

I have a b/f that flirts a lot no matter where he is what he is going he manage to flirt with any girl he comes across with …he tells me i am his perfect girl and when i told him he has to change he told me that he has always been like that and he can never change it …i trust him a lot and i know that he isn’t cheating on me now but what i am really worry is about our future since how would i know that he wouldn’t cheat on me then and thats what really worry me and plus if he really does love me why doesn’t he change ..i have change the part that he didn’t like about me and i am still working in some of them y he can’t do the same???… i love him and been 1 yr since we been together .. so what should i do .. break up with him or not …

Answer #1

You wrote: >>> he told me that he has always been like that and he can never change it <<< - He already told you he’s NEVER going to change…looks like a ‘red-flag’ to me…I wish you the very best !!

Answer #2

First it’s all about commuicating and trust! Ok you have explained to him that his flirting upsets you…and he tells you, you have nothing to worry about…but you still do!

Ok…now you have to be honest with yourself and him. You need to tell him this, ok I know we have spoken on this subject before and I have given it some time but…I just can’t get myself comfortable with your flirting and I find it might cause me some trust issues with you in the future if he cant bring bring it down a bit. Tell him…it just me cuz I care soo much about you and I don’t want it to be the reason for destroying our relationship now or in the future.

Then see what he says…see if he is willing to work on it…if not…then you must make the choice to stay or breakup due to trust issues… but give it a try…give him another chance.

Good Luck!

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