My aunts have a favorite nephew.

I have a good friendship with my cousin we are the same age and everything but when I visit my aunts they pay more attention to him and I always feel left behind and I can helped but sometimes I feel very jealous its a ugly feeling, I would like to know if somebody has the same situation than me any advice I welcome thank you.

Answer #1

Ah my entire family is like this, they have favorites and since I didnt grow up around them like my other cousins did… I mean does it really matter? Your parents dote on you?

Answer #2

I believe that we all make assumptions that may not be true when it comesto how other people feel about us.. I think the other advisories are in fact correct, however maybe you should talk about this problem with a parent, the parent whom belongs to the aunts. This is common in families and the best results come from opening up and discussing the problem politly. Good luck and always know that your special in your own right!!! God Bless!

Answer #3

Of course!

I have cousins that are more accepted and loved than I ever was, but I just didn’t let it get me down. After all, do I really need to be doted on by my aunts and uncles? They’re just showing their true colours - and those are not the kind of people I want to relate myself to.

Instead, I got the attention I needed from other sources…surely you have other family that doesn’t play favourites?

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