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-If anyone knows how to upload a music file into a URL address in order to have certain places like myspace to play on their players then I would greatly appreciate that bit of info. Just FYI: Please do not tell me to search around. How else do you think I've found this place? I've been searching but to no avail.

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im in the same boat...I need that answer bad lol I been on the internet all day getting the runaround...

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If I'm not mistaken you wanted to upload music files into web then turn it to URL Address.. if that so, you have to find a web hosting site,(like ripway or fileave, me I used fileave cause it's after you upload the music files to this web hosting site you can now copy the url address using the correct codes/html code for linking music files to your webpage..

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How do you make a music profile on bebo?

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