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music survey =)

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put your ipod on shuffle.
press forward for each question.
use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING.

how do you feel today ?
Knock You Down-Keri Hilson ft Kayne West &Neyo

whats you outlook on life ?
Do It All Night- darius&finlay

what does your family think of you ?
Let This Go-Paramore

what do your friends think of you ?
To Much To Ask-Avril Lavigne

what do strangers think of you ?
Enter Sandman-Metallica

what do your exes think of you ?
Not A Love Song-Uh Huh Her

how is your love life ?

how will your love life be in the future?

will you get married?
Can't Get Over-September

will you have kids?
Womanizer-Britney Spears

are you good at school ?
Sorry You're Not A Winner-Enter Shikari

will you be successfull in life ?
An End Has A Start-Editors

what song should they play on your birthday ?
Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying-Fall Out Boy

what song should be played at your funeral ?
Face Down-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

the soundtrack of your life ?
Ave Mary A-Pink

you & your bestfriend are?
Elizabeth-Kid British

happy times?
Get Smashed Gate Crash-Hadouken!

sad times?
Let Me Let You Know-Pink

for today ?
Freak On A Leash-KoRn ft Amy Lee

for tomorrow ?
Boys Boys Boys-Lady Gaga

what does next year have in store for you?
Oblivion-30 seconds to mars

what do I say when life gets too hard ?
Blue Monday-New Order

what song will I dance to at my wedding ?

what do you want as a career ?
All I Have To Give-Backstreet Boys

your favourite saying?
I Hate Jimmy Page-Mindless Self Indulgence

how will I die?
Firestarter-The Prodigy