Why does the music I burned off my CD not play through on my Ipod?

It only plays about half the album and on one half it plays fine but on the other half it only plays the songs like one minute through. I tried taking the music off and re-importing it and transferring that to the Ipod but it had the exact same problem to the second. The CD is in great condition and plays fine but I feel like its a problem in the files or something…

Answer #1

well cos u burneed it on a CD not an ipod :P duh

Answer #2

I imported it off the CD to the itunes library and transferred it to the Ipod.

Answer #3

ohhhhhhhh!! my bad ><

Answer #4

oh i think i know what it is, i think its the ipod, cos i had the same problemo what ya need to do is ya need to like try on someone elses ipod and then ya need to chek if ots the same problemo cos then u can tell

Answer #5

ok, thanks!

Answer #6

I hv been having issues with my ipod as well…I get a song off my mp3 list on my computer then drag it to the library on the list, I can see it & hear it when it is playing on the list but when I try to sync it I just dont see it on my ipod or other songs disappear as if they werent on the list at all!

When I upgrated to Win 7, had to install the newer version of itoons, now everything got messed up and all my libraries are gone…so now when I plug in my ipod to charge it it tells me I have a diff itoons set up & needs to erase & sync new version. Ugh, now I have to re do it all. I think it is something with the new updates.

Unfortunately you might have to erase everything as well & update all of it then try to sync it again.

Hope that works. Good luck.

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