What music do you listen to?

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scremo and heavy metal mostly

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modern rock, classic rock, metal, and whatever catogory disturbed falls under

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60s, screamo, heavy metal,rock,hiphop,techno,indie,heathen stuff
anything but country

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PANTERA♥♥, Nirvana, Metallica, CKY, Mindless Self Indulgence, Smile Empty Soul, The Used, Lamb Of God, Five Finger Death Punch...


Who listens to Deadstar Assembly?

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R&B, hip-hop, rap.

MUSIC: You dig mainstream...why?
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Metal...Old School rock...even some outlaw Texas country

cannot stand emmo...punk...gangster rap

What is wrong with being emo or listening to ''emo'' music?

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heavy metal, screamo, rock, indie, kind of varies lol.

Why do I get judged for listening to rock/emo genre music???
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from classic to pop to punk to heavy to techno :P depends on my mood

So I guess no one here listen to obscure/slightly-obscure music.

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pretty much metal, heavy metal, rock, bit of punk here and there too and some random songs aswell lol

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Metallica, Slipknot, Led Zeppelin, Rob Zombie are my favorites. I also like electronica and techno, like Lords of Acid and Praga Khan

Music for Pain
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Heavy/Trash/Speed/Death Metal and Power metal
Hard/shock rock
And the songs (disputed subgenres) by Marilyn Manson!

Does anyone listen to K-pop?
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Me, I am into the oldies, both country and rock. But I prefer rock. This new stuff just doesn't do anything for me.

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Pop,punk,metal,rock,rap,hip-hop,r&b,dance..Basically ny10 cept country&classical!!

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rock and pop mostly

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Any good music that comes up in the charts or somewhere :)

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