Whats are good scremo bands?

Whats are good scremo bands?

Answer #1

I hate screamo , but theres only one band I can stand listening too , I LOVE them . Silverstein .

Answer #2

These are my some of my favorite bands, they’re all of the rock/metal/screamo genres and I bet you’ll like them too -

As I Lay Dying Aiden Atreyu Bullet For My Valentine Escape The Fate The Used From First To Last Hawthorne Heights Tokio Hotel Lamb Of God Avenged Sevenfold Children Of Bodom Cradle Of Filth Norther Static-X Modern Day Escape I Am Ghost Underoath Parkway Drive Red HIM William Control Burn Halo Linkin Park Marilyn Manson Boys Like Girls AFI Amber Pacific The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Three Days Grace Mudvayne Seether Static-X Godsmack Kill Hannah Stone Sour Papa Roach Hellyeah Flyleaf Madina Lake Apocolyptica Disturbed Buckcherry Korn Eighteen Visions Puddle Of Mudd Saliva

And I’m sure there’s others, so if you want an even bigger list… let me know.

Answer #3

Bayside Escape the fate Blood Brothers Dance Gavin Dance In Flames

There are more, I know-but these are my favorites so far. :]

Answer #4

^ you make no sense , aha . I was saying I dont like screamo , but the only one is listen to is silverstein meaning their really good . duh ?

Answer #5

I made a suggestion , no need to be an idiot . I made a comment on a good screamo band .. but all you left was rude comments about other peoples comment . lol jeez , these people . haha

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