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How do I help my mum with her overly obsessive urge to clean that's affecting her health and daily activities?

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My mom gets about three hours of sleep a night. She's always so tired and dreary. She insists on wiping down everything every night (not just cloth and water), mopping all the floors, dusting, etc. It's an obsession with her really. I've tried helping more around. Did the dishes, helped her wipe down all the counters, mopped the floors, but she has to redo everything because she doesn't trust that anyone else does it well enough. My dad's tried to help more with the cleaning (but he comes home quite late from work everynight) but it's the same thing, my mom has to redo everything. Thing is, our house is always really clean even when it's "dirty" in her mind. As a result she will go to bed around 3 or 4AM and has to wake 6 or 7 AM.