Msn disappeared!

I need help lol

I had windows live messenger and then downloaded the windows live PLUS update and it came up with this keyboard shortcut that hides all the msn windows you have open (shortcut= ctrl+space) and I pressed that to try what happens, now its all gona, and when I click on start and want to open the messenger nothing happens :(

PLease help!


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ANSWER #1 of 2

It was probley a bad version of PLUS update - try restarting your computer and if that doesn't make it work then uninstall it then but it bad in.

ANSWER #2 of 2

this is called "Boss Protection"
when you enable this (with ctrl+space by default) the msn icon in the systray changes to a different icon (which you can specify in plus preferences)
simply double click on this new icon and all the windows will magically reappear :P
also in plus preferences (in the privacy tab) you can disable it by unticking the box or change the shortcut.

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