Mp4 videos show up in iTunes but not on iPod.

So I’ve been downloading a lot of mp4 videos, and there was no problem with putting them on my iPod. But for some reason about 10 of those videos DO show up in iTunes, but don’t show up on my iPod. I have no idea why! Does anyone know what I have to do now? I downloaded all the videos from the same source and I already tried to convert them into iPod format, but the program I use says they are already mp4. (Duhh.) Anyway, help?

Answer #1

download DVDFab 5

just stcik a dvd of your choice into the disk drive click the program connect your mp4

and download it

Answer #2

The only reason I can think of is copyright protection on those videos…there are some softwares like handbrake that I’ve heard can remove copyright protection (DRM) however, you should read about the video in question and make sure you’re not violating any laws before using such a software to properly convert it to a format playable on your ipod.

Answer #3

Does the iPod has enough free storage space?

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