Why won't my mp3 player work?

Does anyone know what to do if you put music on your mp3 player...then go to put more songs on it. But then it dont work. We tried reseting it...deleting everything off of it.. but when we connect the USB port it says that all of the songs are already on it...and we even tried synchronizing the songs back onto it and it says that all of the files are already on the devise. but when we unplug it and turn it on...it just says NO FILES. We even called the place and the guy said to put the music in the sample files that were already on the mp3 player... but we deleted everything...so I dont know but if any one can help me out with this problem...it would be great!!! :)

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You should call again, and tell the guy you don't have the sample songs. The place that made the MP3 player should help you...they created the hardware. It's nearly impossible for us to tell you what's wrong with it when we don't have it in front of us and we didn't make it. They should help you :)

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my mp3 is a (rca) and when I turn it on it says profiling requires 20mb free space then it shuts down . I dont knoe why but when I go on media player it says their is nothing on I need HELP! PRONTO!!!

Who knows of a good MP3 player that works for Macs?

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