Moving in together

When is the best time to move in with your long life partner?

Answer #1

I am use too running a house as when parents go away I make sure its tidy and stuff I just need to get better at saving money thats alll

Answer #2

id say when you feel ready make sure theres nothing comming in between you, like little arguments or money first (that sort of thing) also make sure youll be able pay for your half of stuff, or at least have a plan for the bills and that

Answer #3

well my boyfriend will be trained to be a chef before I get trained to work with children. do you think chefs is a good job to go into

Answer #4

yh what sorta age would be best age to move in together?

Answer #5

I want to do nanning as a job wheh left college

Answer #6

Gain complete financial independence. Then the time is right.

Answer #7

Yh I am close to be aduilt

Answer #8

21 latest 24

Answer #9

thats a hard one to answer theres really no right or wrong age but id say when your at least 17-18 that way you have a bit more power and knowledge of things like rent and that

Answer #10

Adult and married.

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