How do you get a theatre to pay you for showing your film?

How do you make a movie then like get in a theater for a weekend and have them pay you a little, i was thinking of having it at wunderland cas its a $2 movie place?

Answer #1

To be honest, if you’re a beginner, they’re more likely to ask you to pay them to show it in the theatre, since they don’t know if anyone would come to it, and it costs to run it. If you’re thinking of a specific place, though, it would be best to just go there and ask what their policy on showing movies is, and if they pay the directors or if it’s the other way around. I’d have the movie finished and cut before asking if they’d show it, although you might want to ask what format they run beforehand.

Answer #2

thank you, and i wouldnt mind if i had to pay to get it in .

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