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I was doing this, but i dont know if this is good or not, please read this and tell me. It sounds good i mean it sounds casual.

A Matador’s Mistress is currently available on hulu. Starring by two oscar winners Adrian body and Penelope Cruz. This is a movie based on the life of the famous spanish bullfigther Manuel Laureano Rodriguez Sanchez, better known as Manolete,(Adrian Brody) and the relationship with his girlfriend Lupe Sino (Penelope Cruz). The life of this great bullfigther was very short. He died mysteriously at the age of 30 years after being horned by the bull Islero. This year will be the 65 annyversary of his death. Watch this great movie currently available on hulu.

Director: Menno Meyjes Genre: Drama/Romance Length: 92 min/1hour 33 min