Does the motherlode cheat on Sims mess up your game?

I’m an enourmous fan of the Sims games, and I was wondering if the ctrl+shift+c Motherlode cheat causes glitches or setbacks in your game or messes it up in anyway?

Thanks any answerers.

Answer #1

I’ve never had an issue with it, and I’ve been using it forever. It’s why all my Sims live in mansions lol.

Answer #2

Nope, I has never done anything to create glitches of any sort. Plus, those cheats are built into the game by EA :). Only way it can mess up your game is making it boring and too easy.

Answer #3

You should make a hedge maze for your Sims and then once they get to the center close off all exits. I don’t know what you do after that but it’d be funny haha. And all they have for entertainment is a bathtub and a potted plant. MWAH HA HA. And no the cheat doesn’t mess up your game.

Answer #4

Lol I do that to the pizza delivery guy and the paper girl.

Answer #5

HAHA that’s perfect. And the repo man?

Answer #6

Ooh good idea…

Answer #7

no, not that i know of i always use it and i havnte seen any problems

Answer #8

well is mess up the “reality” in the game, you should work your money to make it more real, but! if your just playing around then cheat all you can!

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