Most funnest career

What is the most funnest Career?

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umm I can't tell you the funnest but here are some fun ones:
Lawn dart jockey
anal thermometer tester
circus midget
being worshipped like a god (that would be fun wouldn't it)
any of these sound fun to you? pretty much I did this because led_zeppelin has a good point. it's all basically based on your perception as what is fun and what isn't.

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that is a ridiculously open-ended question, different people find different things enjoyable, so it depends on what your personality suits and what you enjoy doing, just because one person on here likes something doesnt automatically mean you will.

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learning to speak english.

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Well I was just asking...gosh no need to be rude.

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Being a dancer!!! A pro dancer not like a stripper lol

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