Mormon beliefs?

what are some major beliefs of the mormon church?

Answer #1

Thank you mllama32 for clearing that up. I think that a lot of people these days hear rumors about our church and twist them. I am LDS and I would say that if you really want to know what we believe in, you can go to the church website : or talk to the local missionaries where you live. That’s what they are there for! :) If you have any questions please feel free to ask! :)

Answer #2
  1. They believe that Joseph Smith (the founder of Mormonism) will participate in the final judgement of man; sitting beside God along with Christ
  2. They also believe that Mr. Smith is just as important and significant as Christ
  3. They believe that “Levites” came to what is now America way back in the day, and tried to convert the Native Americans, who the Mormons believe to be really Isrealites
  4. Mormons believe that all other forms of Christianity are an abomination

This is what I’ve heard from other people, so I may not be 100% correct.

Answer #3

Jozef is 100% incorrect. If you wish to know about the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints or “Mormons” please do yourself a favor and go to the source. is the link to their official website. Best wishes in finding your answers

Answer #4

heresjohnny is right. While I applaud you jozef for trying to answer a question, please know that those statements are not true. I really think that anyone wishing to know about a religion should ask someone of that religion or in some way get to the source. I really hope I am not coming off as angry or something, I answer these questions all the time! If I may, I would like to correct your statements

  1. Joseph Smith will not be sitting next to God and Jesus Christ, we do believe that no one is above or equal to God
  2. Joseph Smith, while a Prophet, always teaching and testifying of Christ, Is NOT as important as Jesus, and he taught that himself, a lot.
  3. We do believe that a group of people came from Jerusalem long ago, but that their descendants are some of the American Indians, and a record of them is found in the Book Of Mormon. 4.We believe all have the right to worship according to their own conscience, no matter what that is. We do not believe others to be an abomination. If anyone has other questions please look on or, or feel free to ask me. I am a mormon, and love to learn about others and share what I have aswell.
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