Can i pierce my monroe at home safely?

can I pierce my monroe at home myself if I have the right needles and things? I pierced my own nose and I was wondering if it is safe to pierce my monore. friends are telling me no because they heard somewhere from someones friend...(that whole grape vine thing) that if I pierce it wrong ill hit a nerve and ill paralyze that side of my lip forever..I don't know man when they say that it doesnt sound worth it. my parents are totally against which is why I cant go get it professionally I was going to do it at home one night and then tell them to just is it safe?

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Before attempting to pierce your monroe or even getting it done on your own, I suggest you watch this three-minute video. It'll give you an idea as to what this type of piercing consists of and everything that you need to know about it. Find out what the hype is all about too.

Monroe Piercing

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I did a monroe, nose, snakebites by myself I did my lip when I was in 7th grade and I was 13 and nothing happened I say you go for it just make sure to check for veins and stuff like that and dont numb it cause if you hit a vein you won't feel it

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I'm 15 years old and I DEFINETLY peirced my nose by myself like 38ish days ago.
I just cleaned it alll the time. like every couple minutes I cleaned it.
soo im pretty sure you'll be aight.

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You can not paralyze your face by piercing it wrong.
The only chance of anything going wrong is if you pierce it without considering the alignment of your teeth it can screw up your gums and teeth.
It's safe if you have the right things. Do not attempt to do it with a safety pin, be smart about it. Even have someone hold the clamp for you just so you have more control over the needle. Be sure to clean it and take good care of it, and everything should go smoothly. Also, its best if you use a hollow needle which gauge is bigger then the jewelery so it can fit in the end and slid in perfectly.

Be safe. I hope it turns out well.

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I got mine done.. then I took it out. but I REpierced it myself, and I was fine. it looks the same as the 1st time, it was just a little painful. how'd you pierce your nose youself!!? I want to get that next!

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I pierced my lip twice...
and my nose
and my bellybutton...
fine everytime
just make sure you do it yourself
dont use anybody else's jewllery!
use an old earring or something
and then leave the earring in for a few days then put yourself in a lip labret and it should be fine.
however if it gets really infected keep cleaning and wait a week or so... if this continues or gets worse then just remove it and wait awhile before you try to re-pierce.
hope this was helpful.

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ANSWER #7 of 13 say your stupid if you pierce anything at home besides your ears...they can get infected soo bad and dont want to do that. Just go get it professionally done...:)

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okay you guys are friggin moronsss.

you can die from ANY piercing if its not done right, infection can lead to death.

I've done 13 of my own piercings.

jsut make sure EVERYTHING is steryl. use mouthwash for 30 seconds before

and everytime after you eat or w.e

CLEAN IT 3 times a day atleast.

DONTTT use any medical creams or anything like that on it itll make it reject. [which youll b ebale to tell is happening so jsut take it out if it is]

dial soap. no perfumes or and thing weird, itll make it get infected.

jsut keep it cleann. :]

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eskimo2008 don't no what he's talkin bout
I did my lip last summer and you culd barely feel it
but it wasnt a monroe piercing...I don't know bout that

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I did my monroe myself and it's fine.
just be sure to be really safe.
sterilize everything really well, and clean it pretty often. you should be fine.

good luck.

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lips (and that area) are more sensetive so I wouldn't recommend it. snakebites/venoms/monroes/lip piercings are more lkely to get infected. if you clean EVERYTHING really well and know what you r doing I guess you might as well go for it tho.

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Not safe.

You can actually die from a piercing around your mouth.

Go get it done professionally, it's for your own safety.

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It is possible to do it yourself if you know what you are doing. However, it is always better to go and have a professional do it for you.

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