Which do you like: Money or homework?

witch do you like money or homework

Answer #1


Trust me, homework sucks. :) I’d rather be swimming in money than homework.

Answer #2

ummm it’s pretty obvious to me. MONEY! nope, I’m not that greedy, but would you rather have a pool of money or a pool of homework that’s due tomorrow? exactly!


Answer #3

Depends what kind of homework, I like learning new things so… And Money, well. As the saying goes ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ But I would like a new shirt… xDD

Answer #4

;)cant we be paid to do homework?;)

Answer #5

I like making money because I did my homework and got good grades.

Answer #6

Will you gives us money if you choose money “haha I am just joking”

Answer #7

MONEY!!! :)

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