How much does it cost to visit Ireland?

Okaiii, so me and my sister are 13 years old. We are trying to go to Ireland to visit our family when we are like 15 or 16. I was just wondering how much money it will cost for 2 weeks for 2 people. I don’t need a hotel, because I will live with my family. I just need to know how much money It will cost. The reason is so I could start saving the money right now. I haven’t seen my family since I was 4. It’s a long way. But please someone tell me. Is there such thing where you can get a better deal?

Thank you. XoXo Sandra T. XoXo

Answer #1


You should be able to get the ticket to Ireland for about $1,000. Maybe a little less if you search on bargain sites for the tickets, like or

Then, I’d just bring money to pitch in for food, and for sites…if you’re going to be exploring.

I’d bring about $300/each. Plus the tickets…so about $2,600.

Answer #2

wow my hubby and I want to plan a trip to Ireland as well but wonder how much it will cost for us both to stay there maybe like 3-5 days .If anyhonw has any ideas pleaseee help…;)

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