How do I get my mom to get a snake?

Answer #1

Good luck on that. I doubt she’d want a snake O.o

Answer #2

I don’t think there’s a way haha my dad dosent allow us to have one he hates snakes.

Answer #3

Cleopatra was dying to get a snake. .

Answer #4

Try to reason with her try making compromises with how you will personally take care of it feed it raise it and how you just want to grow up as a responsible person and if worst comes to worse just try a lizard or gecko.

Answer #5

I think that depends on why she doesn’t want you having one. If it’s because she’s scared, you’ll need to insure her that you’ll keep it away from her. If she thinks you won’t be able to afford it, you’ll need to find a way to pay for all of the needs (properly taking care of a snake costs a lot). If she doesn’t think you’re responsible enough, you’ll have to show her you’re responsible first. If those are all issues for her, you’ll have to prove yourself before she’ll even consider it. It’s ultimately up to her, though. If she won’t have it, then you’ll have to respect that until you’re old enough to live on your own and make your own choices.

Answer #6

Um very hard to convince somebody to get a snake…i guess you could just tell her you’ll take care of it & make sure it doesn’t get out..

Answer #7

tell her it will protect you

Answer #8

It would would depend if your mom likes snakes. I tried to get my mom to buy one and she said no because she hates snakes. SWo you wuld have to ask your mom if she is a fan of snakes, but I don’t think she will be.

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