Mole Removal No Surgery

Is There Any Way That You Can Remove A Mole From The Skin Without Surgery Or Seeing A Doctor ?

What Happens If You Just Cut It Off ?

Answer #1

what happens if you just cut it off? youll bleed for around an hour and give yourself a horrible, ugly and permanent scar possibly deforming your skin and cause an indent or raised bump as well just see a doctor

Answer #2

If you just cut it off, you will get a scar if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, it will get infected and cause a serious problem.

Answer #3

It’ll just re0grow,my cousin had one on his forehead and the fool scratched it off…lol,it re-grew!

Answer #4

You’d bleed and cause a scar?

Answer #5

dont cut it off that wont work and no there is no way besides surgery

Answer #6

Hmm you could get at home freeze dry stuff. It comes in a can with a long stick, you point the stick at the area. And only that area. But I would have someone else like a friend do it because it can be painful and dangerous. Don’t cut it off lol. My aunt does the at home freeze dry stuff, you just have to follow instructions.

Umm another way that I would NOT suggest is buying dry ice, breaking it into small pieces, using gloves, and holding the dry ice to the area.

The freeze dry stuff is like what the doctors use.

Answer #7

Youll bleed to death .Lol ?

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